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Destinee is a wedding and family photographer based in Farmington, New Hampshire. Obsessed with chasing beautiful light, dramatic skies, and making you look and feel your best! Destinee's photography style can be described as bold, dramatic, colorful and storytelling. Her photography is for clients who want something out of the box, and that showcases their life as the Art it uniquely is.

located in Farmington, new hampshire

established in 2012

My personal goal with each wedding, family, and maternity client is to make you feel so unbelievably comfortable and confident in yourself! I want you to leave your session or wedding day feeling excited to see your Art come to life. I want you to feel like we've known each other for years and feel like we're friends (because honestly, we are!) Tell me about your day, what your kiddo's favorite color is. Tell me about your story, what makes you--YOU? Do you love the way the fall foliage looks as it falls in the last glimmers of a sunset? Do you enjoy spontaneous Target runs on a Wednesday afternoon? Maybe binge a few episodes of Superstore? What's your coffee order? Working with me isn't just about getting some gorgeous photos, working with me means gaining a new life long friend, too.

Capturing Love Amidst Rain and Radiance: Caitlin and Paul’s Wedding at Longlook Farm in Sanborton, New Hampshire

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of documenting countless love stories, each with its unique charm and magic. Yet, Caitlin and Paul’s wedding at the picturesque Longlook Farm in Sanborton, New Hampshire, stands out as a testament to the enduring power of love, even amidst the whims of weather.

From the moment I arrived at Longlook Farm, I was greeted by the serene beauty of the landscape. Nestled amidst the rolling hills and overlooking majestic mountains, it was the perfect backdrop for a celebration of love. However, the day had a surprise in store for us all – off and on rain.

But as any seasoned photographer knows, rain on a wedding day doesn’t dampen spirits; it merely adds a touch of romance and adventure to the proceedings. And Caitlin and Paul embraced it with open hearts, ready to embark on their journey together come rain or shine.

The morning was filled with anticipation and excitement as Caitlin and her bridesmaids prepared for the day ahead. Laughter echoed through the quaint farmhouse as hair was styled, makeup applied, and nerves soothed with words of love and encouragement. Meanwhile, Paul and his groomsmen shared jokes and good beer, eagerly awaiting the moment they’ve all been waiting for!

As the ceremony drew near, the rain stopped, and the sun peeked through the clouds, casting a golden glow over the farm. Guests gathered under a rustic arbor adorned with wildflowers, their faces radiant with joy as Caitlin made her grand entrance, escorted by her proud father. Paul’s eyes sparkled with tears as he beheld his bride, a vision of beauty and grace.

The ceremony was a heartfelt exchange of vows and promises, punctuated by laughter and tears of joy. Against the backdrop of the mountains, Caitlin and Paul declared their love for each other, surrounded by their closest family and friends. And as they sealed their union with a kiss, the clouds parted, and a rainbow arched across the sky, a symbol of hope and promise for their future together.

Following the ceremony, we ventured into the fields of Longlook Farm, capturing intimate moments between Caitlin and Paul against the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains. The rain had left behind a glistening sheen on the grass and flowers, adding a touch of magic to each photograph.

As the evening progressed, guests danced under the twinkling lights of the barn, their laughter mingling with the strains of music. Toasts were made, memories shared, and love celebrated in all its glory. And as I captured each moment through my lens, I couldn’t help but feel grateful to bear witness to such a beautiful celebration of love.

In the end, Caitlin and Paul’s wedding at Longlook Farm was a testament to the power of love to weather any storm and emerge stronger and more radiant than ever before. And as I packed up my camera gear and bid farewell to the farm, I carried with me not only memories captured in photographs but also the enduring belief that love is the most beautiful adventure of all.


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